Top 50 Most Important Questions for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022-Assam GK MCQ

Top 50 Most Important Questions for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022

In this Post we are going to dicuss some Top 50 Most Important Questions for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022-Assam GK MCQ Question and Answer for the upcoming Assam Direct Recruitment Exam Grade III. Assam State GK MCQ section provides you all type of GK mcq questions with explanations. Assam State GK MCQ is important for exams like State PCS, IBPS, SCC, UPSC, NEET etc. Top 50 Most Imporant Assam GK Question is reliable and it will help you to crack the upcoming Assam Direct Recruitment Exam Grade III. Here is the Top 50 Most Important Questions for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022-Assam GK MCQ.

Assam GK MCQ PDF is a special set of 50+ most important Assam General Knowledge MCQ‘s that are asked in various competitive exams in Assam. Assam GK MCQ PDF is very helpful for all the students who are preparing for Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III Post and any state level competitive exam in Assam. You can read and download the Assam GK PDF from the link given below.

Previous Year Question Papers for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022

Q) Who wrote the book A History of Assam? 

Answer: Edward Gait

Q1) Hamren is the headquarter of which one district:
A) Cachar
B) Dima Hasao
C) Karbi Anglong
D) West Karbi Anglong

Q2) The novel “Abhijatri” was written by:
A) Arun Sarma
B) Sneha Devi
C) Nirupoma Borgahain
D) Chandra Prasad Saikia

Q3) Which Assamese poet is also known as Dhowni Kobi:
A) Bhubanmohan Baruah
B) Binanda Chandra Barua
C) Chandra Kumar Agarwala
D) Gunaviram Barua

Q4) Which day is observed as Rhino Day in Assam:
A) 3rd July
B) 19th August
C) 22th September
D) 29th October

Q5) In which district “Sri Surya Pahar” is located:
A) Dhubri
B) Goalpara
C) Darrang
D) Chirang

Q6) Which one is the highest mountain ranges in Assam:
A) Patkai Range
B) Namchai Range
C) Barail Range
D) Bethartoli Range

Q7) Sati Sadhani was a queen of which dynasty:
A) Ahom
B) Koch
C) Chutia
D) DimaTripura

Q8) Which state is not covered under the jurisdiction of Guwahati High Court:
A) Nagaland
B) Mizoram
C) Arunachal Pradesh
D) Tripura

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Q9) The Assam Medical College was formerly known as:
A) Berry Which Medical School
B) St. John Medical School
C) Robert Brown Medical School
D) St. Patrick Medical School

Q10) Who is the first Assamese to climb Maunt Everest:
A) Manish Deka
B) Tarun Saikia
C) Bidyut Bora
D) Abhinandan Bora

Q11) By area wise Assam is the __ biggest state in India:
A) 11th
B) 14th
C) 15th
D) 17th

Q12) “Atmanusandhan” is an autobiography written by:
A) Homen Borgohain
B) Kanak Sen Deka
C) Nagen Saikia
D) Mahim Bora

Q13) Who was the first to start the system of land surveying in Assam:
A) Gadadhar Singha
B) Rudra Singha
C) Nara Narayan
D) Udayaditya Singha

Q14) Which district was previously known as Bangmara and Changmai Pathar:
A) Sibsagar
B) Jorhat
C) Tinsukia
D) Golaghat

Q15) Who is appointed as first ever sports ambassador of Assam:
A) Hima Das
B) Ankushita Bora
C) Shiva Thapa
D) Mahadev Deka

Q16) Which Assamese writer is also known as “Upanyash Samrat”
A) Sarat Chandra Goswami
B) Lakshminath Bezbaruah
C) Rajanikanta Bordoloi
D) Krishna Kanta Handique

Q17) Who was the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana:
(A) Banabhatta
(B) Ananta kandali
(C) Madhab Kandali
(D) Ram Saraswati

Q18) Which river is the biggest tributary of the river Brahmaputra:
(A) Kameng
(B) Dhansiri
(C) Subansiri
(D) Manas

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Q19) What is the biggest argo-based industry in Assam:
(A) Rubber industry
(B) Jute industry
(C) Sugar industry
(D) Tea industry

Q20) What is the meaning of the word Ai in the festival name “Ali Ai Ligang”
A) Seed
B) Fruit
C) Tree
D) Water

Q21) The “Baisagu” festival is celebrated by which ethnic group of Assam:
A) Bodo
B) Deori
C) Dimasa
D) Rabha

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Q22) Which of the following wild life sanctuaries is located in Udalguri district:
A) Chakrashila
B) Bornodi
C) Amchang
D) Bura Chapori

Q23) The Rain Forest Research Institute in Assam is located:
A) Diphu
B) Dhubri
C) Dibrugarh
D) Jorhat

Q24) IIT Guwahati was established in the year:
A) 1992
B) 1994
C) 1996
D) 1998

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Q25) Which of the following constituency of Assam Lagislative Assembly reserved for Schedule Tribe:
A) Majuli
B) Bihpuria
C) Mahmara
D) Bokakhat

Q26) In which city, the first CNG station of Assam is innagurated:
A) Guwahati
B) Dibrugarh
C) Tezpur
D) Jorhat

Q27) The “Deodhani” dance is associated with the worship of which goddess:
A) Manasa
B) Kali
C) Durga
D) Parvati

Q28) Who established the Koch dynasty:
A) Nara Narayan
B) Biswa Singha
C) Lakshminarayan
D) Bali Narayan

Q29) Hima Das is also known as by the nickname of:
A) Kolong Express
B) Dhing Express
C) Nagaon Express
D) Kamakhya Express

Q30) In Assamese calendar which month have 32 days:
A) Bohag
B) Jeth
C) Aahar
D) Kati

Q31) The ancient Mahabhairav temple is located in which city:
A) Jorhat
B) Tezpur
C) Mangaldoi
D) Hajo

Q32) In which year Cotton college was established:
A) 1898
B) 1901
C) 1902
D) 1905

Top 50 Most Important Questions for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 GK MCQ PDF Download Link Below

Q33) How many maximum members are elected from Assam for Rajya Sabha:
A) 5
B) 7
C) 8
D) 10

Q34) Which politician is also known as “Iron Man of Assam”
A) Gopinath Bordoloi
B) Tarun Ram Phukan
C) Bishnuram Medhi
D) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

Q35) Every year, Bir Chilarai Divas is celebrated on:
A) 16th February
B) 25th February
C) 11th April
D) 30 April

Q36) Which one is the largest tributary of the river Brahmaputra:
A) Subansiri
B) Kameng
C) Manas
D) Dhansiri

Q37) On 12 January 2021, which one has been formally declared as a new district of Assam:
A) Hour
B) Bajali
C) Bilasipara
D) Nazira

Q38) In addition to Assamese, which other language from the State is included in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution:
(A) Mishing
(B) Rabha
(C) Tiwa
(D) Bodo

Q39) Which of the following districts do not share borders with Bhutan:
(A) Udalguri
(B) Bongaigaon
(C) Baksa
(D) Chirang

Q40) Who is the founder of the Assamese daily english newspaper “The Assam Tribune”
(A) Prafulla Govinda Baruah
(B) Radha Govinda Baruah
(C) Siva Prasad Barooah
(D) Dhirendra Nath Bezbaruah

Q41) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the __ president of India:
(A) 4th
(B) 5th
(C) 6th
(D) 7th

Q42) Who was the first Assamese to get the Arjuna award:
(A) Holicharan Narzary
(B) Monalisa Baruah
(C) Bhogeswar Baruah
(D) Dipankar Bhattacharjee

Q43) In which year, Kaziranga was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO:
(A) 1982
(B) 1985
(C) 1987
(D) 1992

Q44) When Majuli is formally declared as a district in Assam:
(A) September, 2016
(B) Novemebr, 2016
(C) January, 2017
(D) March, 2017

Q45) How many lines does a Shakespearean sonnet have:
(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 13
(D) 14

Q46) Which dynasty’s coins were known as ”Narayani”
(A) Kachari
(B) Koch
(C) Kamata
(D) Chutiya

Q47) Who was the first vice-chancellor of Guwahati University:
(A) Krishna Kanta Handique
(B) Hemchandra Goswami
(C) Padmanath Gohain Baruah
(D) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Q48) Dibru Saikhowa National Park is situated in which district of Assam:
(A) Sonitpur & Nogaon
(B) Jorhat & Golaghat
(C) Karbi Anglong & Golaghat
(D) Dibrugarh & Tinsukia District

Q49) The biography ”Smritir Tirtha” is written on the life of:
(A) Amulya Barua
(B) Chandradhar Barua
(C) Chandra Kumar Agarwala
(D) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi

Q50) Which state was separated from Assam in 1963:
(A) Sikkim
(B) Nagaland
(C) West Bengal
(D) None of These

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